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The New Life with English Initiative (NLE) is English Lab’s project to help Ukrainians that have lost their homes, been severely injured by the war,  have recently been orphaned, military that have been severely wounded and are no longer able to serve,  or have been forced to flee Ukraine and live as refugees. Specifically, the NLE Initiative is here to help those who no longer have the financial ability to take care of themselves and their family, and they cannot afford to get the training and education needed to secure good paying jobs

that require English.

NLE is a partnership which is spearheaded by English Lab. We work hand-in-hand with private & government organizations, and individuals who generously and compassionately help to finance the English learning of good people who have been put in a very bad position.

English Lab is looking at the long-term needs of Ukraine. A good strong education and a learning of English are fundamental keys in their long-term success. English Lab is uniquely qualified and prepared to help meet these needs, but we also need your help.

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