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  • A0 - A1

  • A1 - A2

  • B1 - B2

  • C1 - C2


  • General English

  • Business English

  • Medical English

  • English for IT

  • English for Military


More Information

English Lab focuses on teaching at the level of the student and meeting their needs. Students A0 - A2 have a teacher of their own native language that has a degree in English and/or is TEFL certified. Many of our teachers have both. Students B1 and above will be taught be a native English speaking teacher. 


We do not offer specialized English (i.e. Medical, Business, etc.) to A1 & A2 level students. We believe that the fundamentals must be known and mastered before any learner is ready for specialized English.

Currently Online Only
Coming 2023 - Krakow

Class Location

All of our teachers receive continuous training from English Lab to keep their skills and use of the American English language sharp and relevant.


General English: 
A1 - A2   $15/60 minutes
B1 & Above   $25/60 minutes

Specialized English (Business, Medical, Legal, IT): 
$30/60 minutes

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