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Class Location

  • General English

  • Business English

  • Medical English

  • English for IT

  • English for Military

  • A0 - A1

  • A1 - A2

  • B1 - B2

  • C1 - C2

  • Online

  • In-Person

    • Most Cities in Poland

More Information

English Lab knows what is needed for corporate lessons. Of course we focus on business and IT lingo, but we also put an emphasis on small talk with international clients and co-workers, positive speaking for positive results, and we work on understanding cultural differences (i.e. Asian, Middle-Eastern, American, British, Swedish, etc.) so as to minimize miscommunication and maximize efficiency.


Students A0 - A2 have a teacher of their own native language that has a degree in English and/or is TEFL certified. Many of our teachers have both. B1 & above are taught by a native English speaking teacher.

All of our teachers receive continuous training from English Lab to keep their skills and use of the American English language sharp and relevant.


$40 / 60 minutes for groups up to 8


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